Be your own headhunter.

For free.

The BARBRI Job Network provides legal employers with free access to our unparalleled network of lawyers and law students.

Legal Recruiters

Here’s how it works.

Law students and lawyers have created profiles, capturing information like:

  • Desired practice area (e.g., Mergers & Acquisition, Criminal Defense, Tax)
  • Desired Employer (e.g., BigLaw, in-house, government, clerkships, public interest)
  • Desired city (e.g., Austin, Chicago, New York City, Palo Alto)
  • Employment history
  • Voluntary diversity disclosures

Once you create an Employer profile and post a job opening, scholarship, or fellowship, the Job Network will immediately notify top candidates whether they are actively searching for a job or not.

You can also search for candidates to prescreen ideal hires and invite them to apply privately.

Have your own talent management system? That’s not a problem. The BARBRI Job Network allows you to direct candidates to your organization’s talent management system. Post a job opportunity on our network, and manage the rest of the application/review/selection process through your own internal system